Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall!!! Finally!!!

God I love fall!! The smell, the scenery, the feeling!!!
It's such a change(of the seasons) A much needed change quite frankly. And I love how at the beginning of a new season it really does feel like you are starting over :) Each new season is a new start(how nice!)
So I am registering for classes on Monday gonna get the ball rolling on that, so that hopefully 6-9 months from now I will have a good paying job and driving off the lot in my VW R32!!!! Yeah baby!!! That's right went to a dealership today and totally fel in love with it, so so so comfortable and the first car ever that I sat in and don't need to have the seat all the way up like half an inch from the steering wheel to reach the pedals. My new baby has 250 horsepower and 236 lb ft torque and a six-speed auto tranny. And she is just ohhhhh so pretty and comfy!!!! and pedal pushers on steering wheel yay!!!! So gotta make out a new goal sheet cause I deffinitely got some new goals to accomplish now!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Crafty pants!

It's raining!!
It's pouring!!
You know the rest.
The rain came out of nowhere today, But we totally needed it. Maybe now it will actually start to feel like fall, Instead of feeling like august in October! So lots of updates because I have not posted in awhile. I made my first sale on my etsy store (username:sweetlysedated) New stuff added all the time! It was a striped makeup pouch with a red heart appliqué and velcro closure. I had so much fun making it :) Made a bunch of knitting stitch markers, But just put up a few to see how they do. And did my first swap on craftster ever! It was an OTT(one tiny thing) swap. I made my partner a little green box with polymer clay leaves and leaf stitch markers, Cause she likes trees leaves bird nature type things :) And she made me an awesome cherry appliquéd coin purse-y Which I love love love! (Pics at top) And now that it is getting cooler I actually want to work on some knitting so I will be doing that soon, Gotta go get some yarn though. Gonna make some beanies for my friend going back to Iraq, Because it is chilly there this time of year :(
Kitties are good and so is the lover! Yay fall!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


and more packing!

Tonight: Tequila! Tequila tequila and more tequila!

Hmmmm I shold pick up some limes...............

Friday, April 27, 2007

Packing and moving

So we are gonna be packing this weekend, and on monday gonna get a uhaul to take our stuff to storage. So that we can clear housing as soon as Jesse gets orders next week and avoiding paying like a grand extra for staying here like say half a month. So we will be moving in with Jenna and Ed a bit sooner than planned. And Jesse is saying estimated the 15th of may now and then we are gonna take leave for about a weekish or so so we can do touristy stuff and spend time with g-pa and friends. So this is gonna be a busy busy weekend! Packing today and tomorrow then beer pong championship party at thugbugs and car cruise on sunday! Woooo gonna be tired!!!! hahahahaha!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Best Hummus ever!

Best Hummus ever seriously! Garlic oregano and lemon! Very yum in my tum! hehehehe!
This past weekend was nice, Got to see Meaghan and Nikki which was nice cause Meaghan was only here for a few days. We went out and had a girls night it was very fun. And Saturday we went to the beach that was very relaxing and chill :) And sunday we had the team downXhift photo shoot for the mag, the beggining of the day was a bit hectic getting the car washed waxed and ready and getting there, But then everything was cool.
This upcoming weekend I would like to see Lahela and them and chill, trying to get time in with everyone before we leave the islands.
Today did not do much, Gotta run the vac through the house in a bit.
Gonna knit some more, oh note to self need to go to walmart for baby friendly yarn for baby blankie. Tomorrow laundry and cleaning. Now I need to decide what to cook for dinner.......

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I told you that I was trouble

Love love loving her music and Her! Her vocals are freaking amazing, some of her songs are also so heartbreakingly soulful you wanna hug the girl cause you can feel the heartbreak in her words. <3<3<3
It's been awhile since I have found a newer-ish artist that I liked this much. Usually I find an artist like them but always go back to my old favs and forget about them. But she has stuck for awhile now so hehehe! Hope to try and catch her live this fall in canada :)

Hmmmm what else is goin on....
1. Gonna get my haircut today
2. Have dinner with/at dad's and chill out for a bit.
3. Need to do laundry
4. Wanna find something to knit
5. Go through things i nthe spare room
6. Get Korkeys stuff together to take to storage

Not in that order though......But yeah.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday yet again.

So the weekend is done and monday is here again, uggg I hate mondays. The weekend was good though, our easter was rather non eventful. Missed my 9410 fam emenseley. The car is better now, think Jesse may have finally pinpointed and fixed the problem so we are happy about that. Now I can finally go and see dad tonight hopefully. So Jesse does not have any orders yet so still no date of when we will be leaving. He is now saying though that he thinks it may be sometime towards the end of this month. Which makes me a little sad cause there are some stuff going on at the end of the month that I would like to do like a car cruise (which we can't if our car is shipped already) and BBQ at a friends. Anyway I am ready to go I really am, I am gonna miss the family and friends here but at the same time it is time to go, miss the east coast and my fam/friends out there can not wait to see them and i am looking foward to seing caity in cali also!!!! mucho! So all in all I am ready to go and drive!!! Getting antsy. And and and Jesse says that I may be able to get another tatt soon, very exciting. Now I must just decide which one I wanna get next :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunny today :)

The weather is much nicer today and pretty which of course automaticaly puts me in a better mood :) It is wednesday so I really need to finish gettting the house in order today for the pre inspection tomorrow afternoon. And I need to go to the px to get drano because our tub is totally backed up :( ooops. And I think I made it worse last night when I rinsed out my hair. Which I bleached again :0) Yup I decided to go back to blonde in the front again. I am still in the 1st stage of bleaching it out, for those that don't know, If you have/had really dark hair it is a process to strip and bleach your hair out. So I need to do it 1 or 2 more times till I acheive the shade I want. I'll post a progress pic later :) What else...what else...Hmmm that's pretty much it for now. I am off to do the house! Fun! Fun! :(

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cloudy day today :(

Today is very cloudy and hazy makes for a very lazy mood. Atleast I cleaned majority of the house yesterday. All is well, We have a pre inspection on thursday to clear housing. I hope they don't say this or that need to be fixed cause the cracks on this back lanai are from the earthquake and we are not fixing it it's their responsibility. And the paint job in this house was done so poorly that if you rub the wall or doors too hard it just peels and that's not my fault. So we are not paying for that either. We have tons of shit we need to give/throw away like this couch on our back lanai and my sewing desk. When we get to Delaware tons of our stuff has to go in storage till we get on our feet. And find a place of our own. I am gonna miss my stuff :( Like my sewing machine for example! Well actually I'm sure I could take that out of storage and take it to the house. Been doodling lately, I seem to be in a red and black themed mood. Jesse likes um :) Speaking of cloudy and hazy here comes the rain, maybe now some of the haze will lift. Buddy holly is staring at me like what's that noise? herrrmmm....haha! Hubby should be home soon, what to cook for dinner??? Need to go get my camera back from Lahela's house also. Maybe hopefully we can do that today or atleast sometime this week.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Looking foward to.....and already missing.....

Finally got around to actually setting up a blog after having wanting one for awhile.
It is almost the end of march and getting closer to us leaving beautiful hawaii again.
Bittersweet because I miss the east coast, but will always hold hawaii dear to me of course, because it is where I was born and raised. I don't see myself growing here though, I never did even when I was younger. So off we go again :) I am quite excited about getting to drive cross country again. We plan to take a different route this time though then the previous 2 times. This time we are gonna head through the midwest starting in california and straight across and up to west virginia then to Delaware. I can not wait to spend the fall and winter months back on the east coast, it was odd and sad not being able to see the changing of the seasons this past year. We have a pre inspection appointment for clearing military housing this week, so it is getting closer for sure. (our date of leaving that is) Busy busy weeks coming up, this one included :0)