Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall!!! Finally!!!

God I love fall!! The smell, the scenery, the feeling!!!
It's such a change(of the seasons) A much needed change quite frankly. And I love how at the beginning of a new season it really does feel like you are starting over :) Each new season is a new start(how nice!)
So I am registering for classes on Monday gonna get the ball rolling on that, so that hopefully 6-9 months from now I will have a good paying job and driving off the lot in my VW R32!!!! Yeah baby!!! That's right went to a dealership today and totally fel in love with it, so so so comfortable and the first car ever that I sat in and don't need to have the seat all the way up like half an inch from the steering wheel to reach the pedals. My new baby has 250 horsepower and 236 lb ft torque and a six-speed auto tranny. And she is just ohhhhh so pretty and comfy!!!! and pedal pushers on steering wheel yay!!!! So gotta make out a new goal sheet cause I deffinitely got some new goals to accomplish now!!!

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