Monday, October 20, 2008

Roasted Citrus Herb Ginger Garlic Chicken

Super long name but super yummy chicken.
Maybe I'll change the name, But for now I like it :)
Dear Hubs loved it, I wanted the tops to be a little bit browner but any longer in the oven and it would have been dry because of the type of pan I used. Next time deeper pan. I was not happy with the "out of the oven" pic so here is a leftover bowl pic :)
Super juicy and nummmy!!!
I'll scan the recipe from my book in my next entry :)

Braided rug fun.

I spent the better half of my Sunday afternoon working on a braided rug. I prepared the fabric for it about a month ago but finally got around to starting it. I plan on making it a little bit bigger still, maybe another 6-8 inches. Hopefully this weekend I will have time to work on it again.
I am loving the finished look of it :)
That's about it in the craft world lately.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rearranging and Organization

So past couple of days I spent rearranging the apartment and organizing stuff. As well as homework and sewing :) Finally getting our computer/craft/hobby room organized got me in the mood to make some new makeup bags and such. They are still in progress but I will be putting them up on my (neglected for so long) Etsy shop.
Here is something I finished today that I will be sending to a friends daughter. It's about 8x6 1/2 all cotton and the anchor is embroidered on baby blue felt and the other lil bubbles are the same felt as well., with a button closure. It makes me think of her and I hope she likes it :)
Also helped the hubby update his resume today and post it, and man it was a pain trying to get it posted onto monster for some reason.
Anyway, beautiful fall weather out, an evening walk would be nice fer sure.
And I have been craving bread pudding, but not just any bread pudding my late Mumsie's bread pudding and I think I have finally figured out all the ingredients so we shall see how it turns out....Fingers crossed =D

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yay Fall!

Fall is definitely here. It's super chilly out, we had to close up all our windows and storm windows today cause it's chilly in the apartment. I had a fun filled day of homework, Gotta stop putting it off till the last minute like this. But all done and ready to turn in tomorrow so it's all good. Now I can watch the VP debate and get some crafting in too! I should finish my one unfinished wrist warmer so I can wear them. And here is a pic of the purse I finished a couple of days ago. I got the cute rainbow heart fabric from Joann's in the red tag section and the lining and handle is red cotton, I still have not added some kind of closure because I am debating on a snap or a button, we shall see. And my sewing is getting better too :) Less rushed and neater! Yay for that.