Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday yet again.

So the weekend is done and monday is here again, uggg I hate mondays. The weekend was good though, our easter was rather non eventful. Missed my 9410 fam emenseley. The car is better now, think Jesse may have finally pinpointed and fixed the problem so we are happy about that. Now I can finally go and see dad tonight hopefully. So Jesse does not have any orders yet so still no date of when we will be leaving. He is now saying though that he thinks it may be sometime towards the end of this month. Which makes me a little sad cause there are some stuff going on at the end of the month that I would like to do like a car cruise (which we can't if our car is shipped already) and BBQ at a friends. Anyway I am ready to go I really am, I am gonna miss the family and friends here but at the same time it is time to go, miss the east coast and my fam/friends out there can not wait to see them and i am looking foward to seing caity in cali also!!!! mucho! So all in all I am ready to go and drive!!! Getting antsy. And and and Jesse says that I may be able to get another tatt soon, very exciting. Now I must just decide which one I wanna get next :)

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