Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Crafty pants!

It's raining!!
It's pouring!!
You know the rest.
The rain came out of nowhere today, But we totally needed it. Maybe now it will actually start to feel like fall, Instead of feeling like august in October! So lots of updates because I have not posted in awhile. I made my first sale on my etsy store (username:sweetlysedated) New stuff added all the time! It was a striped makeup pouch with a red heart appliqué and velcro closure. I had so much fun making it :) Made a bunch of knitting stitch markers, But just put up a few to see how they do. And did my first swap on craftster ever! It was an OTT(one tiny thing) swap. I made my partner a little green box with polymer clay leaves and leaf stitch markers, Cause she likes trees leaves bird nature type things :) And she made me an awesome cherry appliquéd coin purse-y Which I love love love! (Pics at top) And now that it is getting cooler I actually want to work on some knitting so I will be doing that soon, Gotta go get some yarn though. Gonna make some beanies for my friend going back to Iraq, Because it is chilly there this time of year :(
Kitties are good and so is the lover! Yay fall!!!

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