Monday, March 26, 2007

Looking foward to.....and already missing.....

Finally got around to actually setting up a blog after having wanting one for awhile.
It is almost the end of march and getting closer to us leaving beautiful hawaii again.
Bittersweet because I miss the east coast, but will always hold hawaii dear to me of course, because it is where I was born and raised. I don't see myself growing here though, I never did even when I was younger. So off we go again :) I am quite excited about getting to drive cross country again. We plan to take a different route this time though then the previous 2 times. This time we are gonna head through the midwest starting in california and straight across and up to west virginia then to Delaware. I can not wait to spend the fall and winter months back on the east coast, it was odd and sad not being able to see the changing of the seasons this past year. We have a pre inspection appointment for clearing military housing this week, so it is getting closer for sure. (our date of leaving that is) Busy busy weeks coming up, this one included :0)

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