Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheesy Spinach & Garlic Lasagna

Yummy Cheesy goodness! We got a good amount of snow today here and it was quite blustery. So some comfort food like this was definitely in order! It was a very simple bake compared to the lasagnas I usually make. Spaghetti sauce, ricotta spinach and garlic mix and lots of mozzarella!

I am still waiting on my partner to receive her apron from me, I hope she does soon!! I am anxious to see if she likes it!! I sure hope she does, And I will post pics once she receives.
I also joined 2 other swaps "mini holiday swap" we have our partners for that and I have brainstormed 2 out of the 3 things I wanna make for my partner. I just have to get the supplies and everything. I also joined the TNBC X-MAS swap! We get partners for that tomorrow I think, yay!!

Also my turkey is done defrosting, I think. It definitely feels like it. I am glad because I was worried it would not have defrosted in time. Yay thanksgiving, I am looking forward to it fer sure! Black Friday as well :) Joann's opens at 6 am and I will be in the parking lot by 5:50am!! hehehe!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chicken Katsu Curry

Is what was for dinner last night. With rice of course. Chicken Katsu is another popular local fav dish back home. Served either with Katsu dipping sauce or with Curry stew poured over top the chicken katsu. We usually prefer it with the dipping sauce, But I was craving it the curry way last night. As I said in the previous post plate lunches are served with rice and mac salad back home, and I forgot the mac salad last night. So about 2 bites of chicken in dear hubby goes "Honey no mac salad? :( " Me: Sorry Hunny I forgot, oops, lemme get ya some from the fridge. Hehehe! He is so cute and surprises me at the oddest times.

Here is a chicken katsu recipie for anyone interested.
For the curry all I used was a box of the golden curry mix, it's all I ever use and prefer personally. Most local grocers carry it.

On a crafty note, I am almost done with my partners apron for the vintage apron swap rd 2 on craftster. I just have to add the waist band/ties and some last minute touches. I hope my partner likes it! I am loving it myself, I think I may have to make one for myself too ;) With different fabric probably though.
And I joined another swap too, the mini holiday swap rd 2. Looks fun!
Swaps really are addicting :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

L&L Lemon chicken.

L&L is a popular local restaurant back home in Hawaii, And one of our favorite's!
And one of Jesse's favorite dishes there is their Lemon chicken, So I made that for dinner tonight.
Complete with the dipping sauce and served the way all plate lunches are served back home, with rice and mac salad!! Mmmm-yum!!

Sunday nights are always our special nights because we have a nice dinner and get quality time together. Dear hubby loved it and wants to take leftovers for lunch tomorrow :) I am glad he enjoyed!

Here is a link to the recipe for anyone interested.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Swap fun!

So I joined the vintage apron swap on craftster, I was bummed I missed out on the first round so I was extra happy I made this one! And I have already received, I was the first to. I am not even finished with my partners apron yet!!!
But here is my apron I got from stitch81 on the right.
I am almost done with my partners apron who is mollygirl (I got in a round robin group for this swap) Pretty cool, instead of getting to know one person I get to know two.
I will post pics once I send and my partner has received, I really hope she likes it, quite a bit of anxiety on this!!

On other news we took misfit(the youngest kid-tie in the clan) to get spaded on Wednesday, and she is doing really good. Her recovery time was almost non-existent. Hubby's new job is going great he loves it, And I am doing well with school as well.

Back to crafty-ness, I found lots of cute christmas fabric to make ornaments with, I am going to make some of the mittens here on disdressed's blog.
I think a lot of the folks on my Christmas list will like them.

And I made a listography today, I really like it, lots of fun!