Thursday, April 12, 2007

I told you that I was trouble

Love love loving her music and Her! Her vocals are freaking amazing, some of her songs are also so heartbreakingly soulful you wanna hug the girl cause you can feel the heartbreak in her words. <3<3<3
It's been awhile since I have found a newer-ish artist that I liked this much. Usually I find an artist like them but always go back to my old favs and forget about them. But she has stuck for awhile now so hehehe! Hope to try and catch her live this fall in canada :)

Hmmmm what else is goin on....
1. Gonna get my haircut today
2. Have dinner with/at dad's and chill out for a bit.
3. Need to do laundry
4. Wanna find something to knit
5. Go through things i nthe spare room
6. Get Korkeys stuff together to take to storage

Not in that order though......But yeah.

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