Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About me

This post is inspired by 1 of the blogs I follow and love which belongs to Miss Kaylah.

My name is Kapi (Pronounced like the word happy) I feel the need to clarify that only because some people tend to pronounce my name as "copy" :(
I am 26 years young, Will be 27 on August 5th.
I currently reside in upstate Central New York, Rome to be exact,
With My Husband Jesse of 7 years and like 4 months, and our 4 kitty cats, Souxsie 8 a Tortie, Blondie 7 a Tabby and Nuby and Misfit both 2 yrs and some(they were born in the same liter), Nuby is a tabby and misfit is a tortie. We love dogs too and have had a few before but our current living sittuation(renting) does not really allow room for any.

I was born and raised In Honolulu Hawaii and lived there until the summer of 2003.
I met my husband Jesse in November of 2002, we spent pretty much everyday together after meeting and fell in love pretty quick. He proposed about 2 weeks after we met and we were married on December 19th of 2002. And from that point everything was a bit of a whirlwind.
Jesse was in The U.S Army at the time so we had to go where they said basically.

I Love reading first and foremost it's a bit of an obsession almost.
I also love body art and modification and am currently in progress on my own.
I dye my hair a lot!! Manic panic's Red, purple and black are my usual's, I also want to be a hair stylist and going to cosmetology school is something on my to do list that I need to stop putting off.
I love creating and crafting. I sew, embroider, paint and knit. I would love to figure out crocheting also!! I just have the hardest time with getting it down.
I hate and am horrible at math, it literally gives me anxiety.
I am horribly afraid of moths!
I love the colors: Red, Aqua and Pastel Yellow.
I need music like I need water and air, the types of music I love are Punk, Gypsy Punk, Rock, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Reggae, Some dance hall, Oldies and Some jazz.

That's pretty much all I can think of for now as far as basic info goes :)