Saturday, November 8, 2008

Swap fun!

So I joined the vintage apron swap on craftster, I was bummed I missed out on the first round so I was extra happy I made this one! And I have already received, I was the first to. I am not even finished with my partners apron yet!!!
But here is my apron I got from stitch81 on the right.
I am almost done with my partners apron who is mollygirl (I got in a round robin group for this swap) Pretty cool, instead of getting to know one person I get to know two.
I will post pics once I send and my partner has received, I really hope she likes it, quite a bit of anxiety on this!!

On other news we took misfit(the youngest kid-tie in the clan) to get spaded on Wednesday, and she is doing really good. Her recovery time was almost non-existent. Hubby's new job is going great he loves it, And I am doing well with school as well.

Back to crafty-ness, I found lots of cute christmas fabric to make ornaments with, I am going to make some of the mittens here on disdressed's blog.
I think a lot of the folks on my Christmas list will like them.

And I made a listography today, I really like it, lots of fun!

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