Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chicken Katsu Curry

Is what was for dinner last night. With rice of course. Chicken Katsu is another popular local fav dish back home. Served either with Katsu dipping sauce or with Curry stew poured over top the chicken katsu. We usually prefer it with the dipping sauce, But I was craving it the curry way last night. As I said in the previous post plate lunches are served with rice and mac salad back home, and I forgot the mac salad last night. So about 2 bites of chicken in dear hubby goes "Honey no mac salad? :( " Me: Sorry Hunny I forgot, oops, lemme get ya some from the fridge. Hehehe! He is so cute and surprises me at the oddest times.

Here is a chicken katsu recipie for anyone interested.
For the curry all I used was a box of the golden curry mix, it's all I ever use and prefer personally. Most local grocers carry it.

On a crafty note, I am almost done with my partners apron for the vintage apron swap rd 2 on craftster. I just have to add the waist band/ties and some last minute touches. I hope my partner likes it! I am loving it myself, I think I may have to make one for myself too ;) With different fabric probably though.
And I joined another swap too, the mini holiday swap rd 2. Looks fun!
Swaps really are addicting :)

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