Sunday, November 9, 2008

L&L Lemon chicken.

L&L is a popular local restaurant back home in Hawaii, And one of our favorite's!
And one of Jesse's favorite dishes there is their Lemon chicken, So I made that for dinner tonight.
Complete with the dipping sauce and served the way all plate lunches are served back home, with rice and mac salad!! Mmmm-yum!!

Sunday nights are always our special nights because we have a nice dinner and get quality time together. Dear hubby loved it and wants to take leftovers for lunch tomorrow :) I am glad he enjoyed!

Here is a link to the recipe for anyone interested.


kittykill said...

Yummy! And can I just tell you how beautiful you are! I would die for those cheekbones!

Sweetlysedated said...

Thanks Mrs. Kittykill!! You are too sweet!! And Beautiful yourself!!!

And it's all in the blush and placement is all ;)