Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheesy Spinach & Garlic Lasagna

Yummy Cheesy goodness! We got a good amount of snow today here and it was quite blustery. So some comfort food like this was definitely in order! It was a very simple bake compared to the lasagnas I usually make. Spaghetti sauce, ricotta spinach and garlic mix and lots of mozzarella!

I am still waiting on my partner to receive her apron from me, I hope she does soon!! I am anxious to see if she likes it!! I sure hope she does, And I will post pics once she receives.
I also joined 2 other swaps "mini holiday swap" we have our partners for that and I have brainstormed 2 out of the 3 things I wanna make for my partner. I just have to get the supplies and everything. I also joined the TNBC X-MAS swap! We get partners for that tomorrow I think, yay!!

Also my turkey is done defrosting, I think. It definitely feels like it. I am glad because I was worried it would not have defrosted in time. Yay thanksgiving, I am looking forward to it fer sure! Black Friday as well :) Joann's opens at 6 am and I will be in the parking lot by 5:50am!! hehehe!


Brook said...

MMMMMM so yummy looking!!! I have been wondering where you have been and then I look at your blog and you post all the time.... I think my blog roll was jacked up!

Sweetlysedated said...

I think my blog thing was a little messed up to, Because yours used to be like 2nd on my list and got bumped to the bottom, One day I was like Hey! Where'd Brook's blog go? Lol!
But I found it :)