Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Snowy NY :)

New year, New beginnings. Who doesn't love a new start? I for one am definitely glad that this new year is finally upon us. Time to put the old behind us as memories, some sad some bad but mostly great and fun! A lot has changed in the past 6 months I must say. Here we are in Delaware starting over and starting our lives basically. Jesse has finally found a good job and I am doing the school thing so I can find a good one too. And best of all coming up very shortly here we should be able to get our own place. And while I love and appreciate Jesse's dad for helping us out until we got on our feet, I absolutely can not wait to get back into a place of our own. We are too old for this living situation and our poor kitties are confined to one single room 24/7. But I do know everyday that we are blesses regardless and I am grateful. So we went up to NY to see H and C for new years. Had a great time it was lots of fun. Wish the sun had of been out a little bit more but oh well. at least it came out on the day we were leaving finally. New years eve was quite calm and chill, a nice end to the past mostly chaotic year for sure!

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