Monday, October 13, 2008

Rearranging and Organization

So past couple of days I spent rearranging the apartment and organizing stuff. As well as homework and sewing :) Finally getting our computer/craft/hobby room organized got me in the mood to make some new makeup bags and such. They are still in progress but I will be putting them up on my (neglected for so long) Etsy shop.
Here is something I finished today that I will be sending to a friends daughter. It's about 8x6 1/2 all cotton and the anchor is embroidered on baby blue felt and the other lil bubbles are the same felt as well., with a button closure. It makes me think of her and I hope she likes it :)
Also helped the hubby update his resume today and post it, and man it was a pain trying to get it posted onto monster for some reason.
Anyway, beautiful fall weather out, an evening walk would be nice fer sure.
And I have been craving bread pudding, but not just any bread pudding my late Mumsie's bread pudding and I think I have finally figured out all the ingredients so we shall see how it turns out....Fingers crossed =D

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